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Mod-dotnet-bot, Rules of using this site

Great work! We are happy you found the mod-dotnet-bot and created your own dotnet-bot mod! Before using it, please read through the following rules. All the illustrations on the mod-dotnet-bot site are licensed under the very permissive CC0 1.0 Universal license. The dotnet-bot you create also falls under this license.

A few reminders about the dotnet-bot:

  • The dotnet-bot represents the community that comes with the .NET brand and platform. It also helps with checking pull-requests on .NET repos on GitHub.
  • When appropriate, it can be used on .NET communications. However, the dotnet-bot is not the logo and should not be used instead of the logo.
  • For more information, visit .NET brand guidelines at

Here are some fun ways you could use your dotnet-bot mod!

  • You may use your dotnet-bot mod to create your own .NET swag items to give away at community events.
  • You may use it as your twitter picture or share across social media.
  • You may use it as your GitHub profile picture.

When using your dotnet-bot mod, avoid:

  • Never position the dotnet-bot in any inappropriate places or forms. You cannot change the dotnet-bot appearance outside of the mod-dotnet-bot site. If you have a suggestion for a new appearance, submit an issue on the mod-dotnet-bot repo:
  • You cannot use your dotnet-bot mod as your own logo or as your own brand. Dotnet-bot represents .NET, so you can only use it to reinforce .NET’s own brand identity.
  • You cannot use your dotnet-bot mod in a way that describes or implies there is an endorsement, business relationship, partnership, joint venture, or any other affiliation between you, your software or your company and Microsoft or the .NET Foundation.

Have fun and happy coding!